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Our goal is to supply our customers with quality plumbing specialties with the best service possible. We stock over 25,000 parts.

Marlin Manufacturing Company Profile

Marlin Manufacturing, also known as TMS-Marlin, has been in business since 1965.  We are the leading wholesale plumbing repair parts company in the south east.  Founded by Jerry Orendorf, Marlin began servicing the state of Florida in the 60’s.   As the company grew through the 70’s and 80’s we expanded to cover the states of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, & Kentucky.  After a brief merger from 2007-2012 to form TMS-South, Marlin once again became independent in January 2013.

As a small family owned business, we realize the importance of service, quality, & delivery.  Marlin has 8 field representatives to call on and service our customers at their facilities, and lend their expertise to solving their plumbing issues.  We also have 8 in house staff to handle any and all customer requests and make doing business with Marlin an easy and pleasant experience.  We ship most orders the same day from our Orlando warehouse which has over 25,000 different items in stock for immediate delivery.

Because of our extensive inventory of wholesale plumbing supplies, we are able to serve a wide variety of customers. Marlin can offer quality wholesale plumbing supplies to:

  • Plumbing Companies (of all sizes)
  • Large Commercial Properties, including offices
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Properties
  • Maintenance Departments (large or small)
  • And others.

Because of our long history, experience, and expertise in all aspects of wholesale plumbing supplies, we are able to provide our customers with the plumbing supplies that they need. Our huge inventory of plumbing supplies allows us to ship our parts fast, so that our customers get their plumbing supplies in a very timely manner.

Our large inventory of wholesale plumbing supplies means that  Marlin has those hard to find parts and supplies that contractors and maintenance personnel need.  The ability to supply that hard to find part is another benefit that we offer our customers.  In addition, if we don’t have the item you need, we can find and order or have the item made for our customers.

At Marlin we only carry the highest quality items from reputable manufacturers.  We refuse to carry low grade or “cheap” inferior products; our customers demand the best and most reliable products available at reasonable and affordable cost.  Our customer understand that using cheap, low grade products leads to call backs and unhappy clients.  In this day and age, nobody can afford to lose a customer over a few pennies.

It has always been our company policy to strive to offer the most reasonable prices for our repair parts. We understand that many of our customers, especially those who are in need of commercial plumbing supplies and industrial plumbing supplies, are often working within a tight budget. We understand that in today’s economy, many of our plumbing contractors and subcontractors are working under tight budgets as well. Because we sell our wholesale plumbing supplies in such quantity, we are often able to offer our products at a lower price than our competitors. Again, lower prices for quality-plumbing supplies, is another benefit our customers appreciate and enjoy.

Marlin also understands how important it is that those who are looking for industrial plumbing supplies or commercial plumbing supplies be able to find the exact items that they need, and that when appropriate, those items meet or exceed all codes and industry standards. Our commercial and industrial customers are required to meet certain standards, and we work hard to make sure that we have the industrial and commercial plumbing supplies those professionals need. Because we are able to provide these special plumbing supplies, our commercial and industrial customers know they can depend on us.

Finally, it has always been our policy to provide the fastest, safest shipping to our customers. It is common knowledge that no work can be performed until the plumbing supplies arrive at the site. Long delays, caused by sloppy shipping, are simply not acceptable. Our shipping department is one of the best in the business, and we constantly monitor all orders to ensure that they are filled correctly and shipped as quickly as possible. Quality shipping is nothing less than a priority to Marlin.

Visit our retail counter at 7100 Old Cheney Highway

Marlin Manufacturing Co.

7100 Old Cheney Hwy Orlando,
FL 32807 (407) 273-1650

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